Szigetkoz and things to do in local area

You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of things Hungary has to offer, with a pocket friendly price

We know that each guest has different needs and tastes, so we pride ourselves on being able to provide this for you; if its just a pick up from airport and being left to your own devices that is fine, or for your enjoyment we are happy to arrange any activities you wish to take part in during your stay at Jasmin. Where possible we have put in links to other web sites so you can take a look at what they offer and their prices.

Shops, bars and restaurants

Nearest shop is a 5 minute walk away where you can buy freshly baked bread, milk and day to day groceries; you can also purchase alcohol here so you can enjoy your new-found favourite bottle of Hungarian wine by the pool as you relax in the sunshine.

 Nearest local bar is only a 2 minute walk; it’s a local hunting and fishing bar with lots of pictures and trophies dotted all over the walls, a very friendly bar where the locals are only too happy to tell you about the one that got away, and a pint will cost less than a pound so don’t forget to pace yourself!

 There are 3 restaurants in the village; my own personal favourite is the Zartoni charda, Hungarians love their food and it is a very good place to enjoy Hungarian cooking. Here they do many game dishes like venison and wild boar which cost less than 6 pounds a dish

Fishing trip


There are 12 beautiful lakes and ponds in the local area, which are all well stocked and home to many different species of Carp, also African Catfish, Wells Catfish, Barbel, Tench, Bream and Chub. Most of the lakes have there own bar and restaurant on site and are day ticket lakes, costing around £6.00 a day.

And if that’s not enough we have the Danube, of which 98% of the fish that live in the Danube pass through the Szigetkoz water system, although you will need a fishing licence for this, but don’t worry we can help you arrange it. For the more active fisherman we can also arrange day trips on a motorboat, for that truly memorable fishing trip Hungary is a Fishermans paradise!

If you have any questions or would like some more information please contact us there is no obligation and we are always happy to talk.


Cycling in Szigetkoz

It’s not without a reason that Szigetkoz, the largest island of Hungary, surrounded by the Danube and the Mosoni Danube, is called Gift of the Danube, as it was built from the river’s sediments. Nature lovers are awaited by the rich fauna and flora of this land. The section passing through Szigetkoz is part of the international bicycle road that runs along the Danube, with the riverbank and the low-traffic side roads also being suitable for biking. The safe bicycle paths await lovers of this activity in the romantic setting of Szigetkoz. We can provide rental bikes, including ladies and gents bikes, bikes with child seat, and kid’s bikes as well as tandem bikes for those ready for a challenge. They are available for half a day or for an entire day.

Bike rental rates:   for half a day               for an entire day

Adult bike              1500 Ft                       2000 Ft

Kids bike                1000 Ft                       1500 Ft

Tandem bike          2800 Ft                       4000 Ft

Child seat surcharge 500 Ft

Child/adult helmet    400ft



spa break

Relax in 32c natural thermal waters with natural healing elements to cure many things, from skin to joint complaints; these waters are medically certified but can be enjoyed by anyone. The indoor/outdoor pools are great anytime of the year but we do recommend you try in the winter, while it is snowing, for the ultimate experience. I have listed links to their web sites below. Prices are in HUF but are around £7.00 for an all day ticket.


  This state of the art modern go-kart arena is one of the best Europe has to offer, set in a 2000 m2 indoor building with a two level track and using purpose built indoor Honda 270cc karts. Unfortunately there is no English link on web site as yet but well worth a look if you enjoy racing, costs £30 for 30 minute racing time divided into 10 minute laps “warm up, qualify, and the final race”

Tank and armoured car driving

  The ultimate in big boy’s toys they don’t come much bigger than this, ever fancied a joy ride in a T.9 tank? Well, now is your chance! You and your friends can hire a whole list of armoured vehicles for an hour, with prices starting from £70 but we recommend you take a look at their website or contact us if you have any queries. We are happy to help out                        

white water rafting

Canoeing and kayaking on the Danube

 You can rent a canoe or kayak for around £10 a day, although we do recommend you go with a guide. The Danube is beautiful and Szigetkoz is its pearl. Your guide can show you all the best parts and the wildlife that inhabit this beautiful region. A guided trip will cost around £30 for a full day.


Horse riding in Hungary

Hungary has a love for horses that dates back as long as Hungary. So if you are into horse riding this is an ideal way to get and see some of the beautiful countryside, along with the Danube. The stable we use is only a 10 minute walk away and they have some of the most well tempered horses I have had the pleasure to ride, also they have a 5 horse shoe award for their stables and horses, which is the best award possible here in Hungary. Prices range from 1 hour for £10 to a full day Szigetkoz tour with food and drink costing £60, although be warned when I say all day! It’s 10+ hours so should only be undertaken by the experienced riders.  

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